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Super9ja is a free of charge-to-enter promotion with a weekly jackpot prize of 100,000,000 Naira. The game consists in predicting the scores of the ten matches chosen by just about every week. To take element and have a likelihood to win the jackpot or any of the weekly prizes, you must register your particulars at, login and submit your entry prior to the Competition closes (Start off of the very first game). When submitting your entry, you will also be asked to enter the Total Objectives scored in the ten chosen matches. Total Ambitions will be employed ONLY to figure out winners in case of a You are allowed 1 entry per week. You should enter at least 1 match outcome. You can modify your predictions on the internet site as many instances as you like, up till the Competitors closes.

To play Super9ja, simply click on Play Super9ja, log in and enter the scores for the 10 matches presented. Once you are satisfied with your selection, click on Submit your entry. You ought to enter at least one particular match result. Your predictions will be saved and clearly shown on the page. Need to you wish to change any of your predictions just before the Competitors closes (start of the initial match), you can do so by just clicking on Edit Predictions and re-submitting your entry once you have made the amendments you want. Every single week Bet9ja pays a Jackpot worth one hundred,000,000 Naira to whoever predicts all ten correct scores. Mini Jackpot prizes are also awarded to whoever predicts 9 right scores (20,000,000 Naira), 8 correct scores (1,000,000 Naira). If two or additional players qualify for the Jackpot or a Mini Jackpot, the prizes will be split equally amongst these players. In addition, Bet9ja presents 20 weekly consolation prizes for a total of 265,000 Naira to the players who scored the highest number of Super9ja points through the week. You can view the results and reside-time scores by clicking on Benefits on Super9ja homepage. To see the weekly leader board, click on Leader-board.

Don’t be left out, start doubling your dollars right now via your passion. This post contains all you need to SignUp Bet9ja Registration Type On the internet. It is one hundred% secured and protected. If you have correctly entered your specifics, you will see a message on your screen like that on the image. It opens a web page obtaining full registration information such as - username, password, Name must match you bank account name, date of birth, address, state, city and mobile number. Make confident you fill properly. A web page open seeking like that beneath.. There is no charge for deposits with this payment strategy. This indicates N52.50 will be deducted from every single of your deposit.

There is no charge for deposits with this payment strategy. But you will be asked to accept a N100 charge from the bank. If your transaction is authorized, your account will be credited straight away. N200 charge for deposit with this payment. But if you payment transaction is authorized, your account will be credited back promptly. N200 charge will be deducted for deposit produced with this payment strategy. If your transaction is authorized, your account will be credited back promptly. Enter your special bet9ja user ID (this can be identified at the top appropriate corner of the website when you login. Enter your e-mail address, and your mobile number. Enter the amount that you would like to deposit in your Bet9ja account. The program will then contact up your information from the bank end program. Verify payment facts and click on Spend. Payment receipt will be generated and displayed. You will obtain an e mail notification to the e mail address provided.

Against the backdrop of the economic recession in Nigeria, various unorthodox financial schemes are gaining attraction across the country. 1 of the most well known over the last year was the Mavrodian Mondial Moneybox, MMM, a Ponzi scheme whose decision on Monday to suspend the accounts of its patrons in the country has thrown millions of Nigerians into anguish. Apart from the MMM, which the Nigerian authorities had cautioned citizens not to patronize, there are other schemes luring desperate or unwary Nigerians across demographic groups. For instance, although legal, the quantity of Nigerians patronising the betting or lottery games is on the increase. In certain, the youth are deeply involved in sports betting through such platforms as Nairabet, Merrybet and Bet9ja, among other individuals.

What is a Ponzi scheme? The scheme basically suggests taking from Peter to spend Paul. Operators of Ponzi schemes generally entice new investors by supplying larger returns than other investments, in the type of brief-term returns that are either abnormally high or unusually consistent. How do Ponzi schemes perform? Ponzi schemes are fairly simple but can be extraordinarily strong. Convince a handful of investors to location cash into the investment. Just after the specified time, return the investment cash to the investors plus the specified interest rate or return. Use results of earlier investors to convince more investors to place their income into the program. Usually, the vast majority of the earlier investors will return. Repeat actions 1 through three a quantity of occasions.

Through step two at 1 of the cycles, break the pattern. Rather of returning the investment revenue and paying the promised return, escape with the cash and commence a new MMM stands for Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox and requires its name from its founder, Sergei Panteleevich Mavrodi of Russia. How it functions: MMM provides you a technical platform which helps millions of participants worldwide to connect these who require enable to those who are ready to offer assistance, for free of charge. All transferred funds to an additional participant are your aid, given by your personal goodwill to a different one. The scheme promises a 30 per cent return on investment to members.

In their transactions MMM participants operate with Bitcoin. When you Register - Bet9ja Nigeria Sport Betting,Premier League Odds,Casino,Bet on MMM and refer people today to it, even if you are not investing, you earn 10 per cent of the amount the particular person invests. Relative Crash: In January 2016, the Chinese government banned MMM on the ground that it is a pyramid scheme, (Ponzi scheme), and not registered in the nation. Earlier this year, the scheme crashed in South Africa. MMM Global only gave South Africans the poor news with a post on its web site saying: "We regret to inform you that we have to close down the Republic of Bitcoin. It was an experiment, and, however, it failed.

We turned out not to be able to pay one hundred % per month." In response to mounting criticism and official investigations by state authorities in 2016, supporters of the South African MMM scheme staged a protest march in Johannesburg. The scheme began up once again late November 2016. Also, not too long ago, the scheme collapsed in Zimbabwe. Just lately, Nigerians have been thrown into a sudden anxiousness following a selection by promoters of MMM to suspend new payouts to subscribers. The members woke up on Tuesday morning to a disclaimer on the scheme’s internet site informing them of the move. But the promoters of the scheme stated it would not go burst just however, adding that the setback will only last a month. Reputation: MMM is presently in over 27 countries, estimated to have more than one hundred million participants globally.
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In Nigeria, it is believed to have up to three million participants with over 3,000 trooping into the scheme weekly. MMM at the moment is the most popular on line money generating portal in Nigeria. Profile: Ultimate Cycler is a peer-to-peer donation enterprise model designed by Peter Wolfing, a United States based network marketer. It is a 2×2 cycler scheme with a direct member-to-member payment program. There is no central account to spend or receive you get all of your payout directly into your account. How it performs: When you register, you will require to donate the sum of N12,500 to a fellow member and the person will then confirm your donation.

The system (Admin) will put four other registered individuals below you from spillovers who will also pay N12,500 every into your bank account, creating N50,000. You can also bring people to register below you if you cannot wait for the method to do it for you. Relative crash: There is elevated panic more than the seeming crash of Ultimate Cycler. The panic came following a technical downtime of the Ponzi scheme, which resulted in a crash of the web site, Subsequently, founder of the scheme, Peter Wolfing, whilst addressing the scenario in a statement apologized for the development, saying the crash occurred as a result of a technique upgrade.

He stated the site would be up as soon as achievable. Nevertheless, the internet site which went down on December 1 nevertheless displayed an error message "Be suitable back. We are presently updating the website to give you a far more pleasurable expertise and will be back on line shortly". The founder also posted a video on the web page urging participants to workout patience. The internet site is nonetheless down, members can only view their inbox but can not make any transactions or Register - Bet9ja Nigeria Sport Betting,Premier League Odds,Casino,Bet new persons. The scheme at present operates in Nigeria and USA. There is no exact estimate of its population, nonetheless, it was said to be registering up to two,000 members weekly in Nigeria until the website went down.

Profile: Zarfund is a comprehensive teamwork primarily based individual to particular person funding and donation sharing platform. It assists to bring a new way of raising funds for different causes and charity programmes. The scheme was founded by Hannes Jordaan, an on the web entrepreneur living in South Africa. Considering the fact that all the transaction system (donating and getting) is carried out through Bitcoin - a digital cryptocurrency, you ought to personal a Bitcoin wallet (like Blockchain) where you can receive and gather your funds. Zarfund matrix plan model is forced to 2×6 structure, which functions only with Bitcoins. Recognition: Zar fund is the 3rd most well-known Ponzi scheme in Nigeria, and ranked as the 37th most visited web page in Nigeria in mid-December.

How it operates: Any person can come to be a member by registering Free of charge on their web page Right after successfully registering, you log into your account identified as Private Workplace with the login specifics you registered with. You declare the willingness to donate ("Provide Help"), after which your account will be rewarded with the exact same quantity you pledged. Say you have announced willingness to help with N100,000. You will be rewarded in your Private Workplace with N100,000. And it will right away begin increasing! A week later, this N100,000 will come to be N110,000 and in a month, it becomes N140,000. Accordingly, you will be capable to request help for N110,000 in the first week, N120,000 in the 2nd week, N130,000 in the 3rd week and N140,000 in the 4th week. All, following your pledge could have been transferred and confirmed. Request for delivering support comes to you in your personal workplace.

If you do not do it inside 48 hours for the duration of the week and 96 hours on weekends, you will be removed from the system. Reputation: The domain "" was registered on October 17 and was currently the 47th most visited web-site in Nigeria by mid-December, and the 4th most common Ponzi scheme in Nigeria. Profile: International Charity Club (iCharity Club) is an international network of donors. By working with this platform, members can give and acquire donations from each and every other. It is open to everyone, any individual in the planet can join this programme. How it operates: You Register - Bet9ja Nigeria Sport Betting,Premier League Odds,Casino,Bet, donate to your upliner and turn into a Grade 1 Member in the technique.

The technique will then uncover 5 Free of charge Members and they in turn donate to you. That is how you earn income when you are a member of iCharity Nigeria, you do not have to sell any solution to anybody or do any form of networking or inform people about it, you simply earn. Starting from Grade 1 exactly where you earn ₦37,000 to Grade Two exactly where you earn ₦370,000 and Grade 3 exactly where you earn ₦3,700,000. You register as a absolutely free member then upgrade to a grade one particular member and receive the exact same amount donated five instances. The similar takes place when you attain other grades in the method.

Reputation: This is the 5th most well known Ponzi scheme in Nigeria. Profile: CrowdRising is not a organization or a organization or a corporation. The CrowdRising Technique is not owned by any one particular person. It is a semi-automated technique designed by five men and women, who are funding and founding members, referred to as the 5 Horsemen. The platform is produced out there globe-wide, absolutely free of charge. There are no admin costs, no month-to-month fees, in reality, there are NO fees. How it performs: CrowdRising is a person-to-person direct funding platform. Reputation: This is somewhat new in the online Ponzi scheme marketplace in Nigeria, and ranked as the 143rd most visited site in Nigeria in mid-December. Profile: Get aid worldwide is a single of the trending mutual fund peer-to-peer donation portal in Nigeria these days. The scheme has only been in existence considering the fact that August and is currently possessing a key share in the mutual fund community. Recognition: This is not however popular in the Nigerian Ponzi scheme industry. It ranked as the 201st most visited site in Nigeria by mid-December.